27th July– 10th August 2022


LIYSF is an accredited not-for-profit social enterprise established in 1959. We provide our students with a deeper insight into science (STEM) and how science can be applied for the benefit of all humankind. Since our beginning, the idea of LIYSF is about bringing young people from different nations together to learn about each other and our different cultures through a shared passion for science.

LIYSF is a modern event that is up to date with the latest technologies and developments, whilst also ensuring we uphold our prestigious and respected standing, as the longest-running STEM event of its kind. LIYSF STEM Summer Course is launching a hybrid digital option online to offer the LIYSF experience to more students. We introduce our students to a wide variety of researchers and important figures who serve as role models.

Of course, the experience will be different from attending in London on-campus. However, we have put together an exciting online option and have partnered with a digital platform provider to deliver an engaging virtual experience. LIYSF is about students coming together, to learn, share, debate and discover both about STEM and also culturally. Students attending LIYSF VIRTUAL will have a carefully curated experience of LIYSF, including;

  • All principal lectures live-streamed with a truly hybrid approach to ensure attention is given to the virtual experience, using green screens and equal weighting for asking questions
  • Selection of our specialist lectures across a wide range of STEM fields
  • Possibility to ask questions in sessions
  • Selection of scientific visit content
  • Network with fellow students on our global digital platform, live chats and virtual debate lounges
  • On-demand content, re-watch or view missed sessions
  • Digital certificate

Contacto: https://www.liysf.org.uk/